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The Vytal Festival Tournament is the ultimate battle of skill, pitting the world's most powerful Huntsmen and Huntresses in training against one another...and it's finally here. Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are back for a season of bare-knuckles brawls and over-the-top action, and they're not coming alone. New Fighters from around Remnant are ready to throw down and bring glory to their kingdom, but there are those among them with a far more sinister goal in mind. It's RWBY: Volume 3. Ready? FIGHT!


"RWBY premiered online in July 2013 and proved a big hit for Rooster Teeth!" -EW

"RWBY Volume 3 is without exaggeration the most far-reaching in ambition, the most visionary, well developed, emotional and surprisingly, the darkest entry into the series.” -Bubble Blabber

"RWBY Volume 3 is a season of transition. On the visual side, the series looks better than ever with both character models and backgrounds more detailed than ever before." -Kotaku

"RWBY: Volume 3 was a [email protected]$$ season." -The News Hub

"RWBY Volume 3 on Blu Ray is absolutely a must have." -Chalgyr